lo que me mueve

Mis razones


Cambiar el mundo

Yeah. I know. You are thinking: “omg, how naïve!” But let me tell you this is the one and only purpose that drives my life. It´s always been like that. And it works for me. So, who cares what others think?
I have always believed in the power of each one of us to make a difference as individuals and as part of a larger society. Let´s not allow for the flame that lives in us to ever be extinguised. 


Democratizar la educación sexual

Contrary to what most people seem to think of when you say “sex education”, it really has little to do with teaching people “how” to actually have sex. Since, let´s be honest: it is not that complicated, after all! But rather, it has a lot to do with learning how to relate to others and, most importantly, to ourselves. It is all about feelings, yearnings, expectations, fears and, ultimately: pleasure.


Facilitar el empoderamiento

Aid is never a one way process. Anyone who has been in the frontline of a disaster or a crisis knows this well. Giving is receiving. And so helping others heal will allow for your own wounds to heal too. Creating safe spaces where women can meet, learn and share their life experiences are absolutely key to reclaim back their power, their value and their dreams.