I have always been interested in people.
Particularly, on their thoughts.
On the reasons why they do what they do.
That´s why I opted for a minor in Psychosocial Studies.
To complement my major in International Development.
Cause learning about how the world works was not enough.
I needed to know how our minds work too.
Politics and Economics often took people out of the picture.
And I wanted to put them at the center of my work.
That´s why I have created this section.
This observatory.
Cause I want to give voice to the voiceless.

Count them in.
Take their opinions into consideration.
Learn how they feel.
What they hope for.
What they really need and want.

This is a space to learn about ourselves.
As human beings.
As social and emotional creatures.
So, I warn you won´t find big figures here.
You can contact the UN for that.
What you will find next are people´s stories.
And experiences.

I hope they serve you.
So we can finally start seeing the big picture.
Of the vast world we live in.

Studies conducted so far: