A woman.
A feminist.
A dreamer. 
An emotional creature. 

I am all of it in one.
Always been a helper.
Fell in love with the non profit sector. 
Travelled the world.
Reinvented myself into a sex educator. 
And now, finally materialising the dream of a lifetime: 


Oh! You wanna know the details? Ok! Then, follow me! 😉

The short story, long… is the following:

I was born is Zaragoza (Spain) on a cold November night some thirty plus years ago. I had a rough childhood. I took a lot over my shoulders. Definitely way too much for a child. And I paid the price for it. At 12 I discovered a lump on my neck. Got emergency surgery and, miraculously, I survived. Not that much changed afterwards. I continued hurting. And I continued somatising my emotions upon my body. But I guess I just got used to it.

Take a look at the work
I´ve done so far
and feel free to get in touch.